Investigating diverse applications

Serendip is keen to collaborate, prioritizing partnerships in the following order:

  • Developers of peptide-based cancer vaccines
  • Cancer vaccine developers interested in testing alternative immunization systems
  • Developers of drugs and vaccines beyond cancer


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Our ongoing



The first major technical challenge

Today, there have been 40 years of clinical failure for therapeutic vaccines in oncology, mainly due to the lack of immunogenicity of tumor antigens, but also to the technical limitations of immunization systems.

Nevertheless, therapeutic vaccination appears to be a promising treatment to meet existing unmet medical needs especially for the patients who do not respond to existing immunotherapy treatments (up to 80% of patients). It promises safety, immediate efficacy and long-term protection. Serendip has therefore developed a brand-new immunization platform based on its core nanotechnology to enhance the efficacy of future cancer vaccines.

Serendip’s technology is the first plant virus-derived VLP, produced in plants, with a custom cell-targeting capacity.


Our immunization system