Early R&D collaboration

Serendip collaborates from the early stages with academic institutions, biotechnology, and biopharmaceutical companies to explore the feasibility of new application ideas. For instance, Serendip seeks partners to test:

  • Encapsulating mRNA and small molecules
  • Directly conjugating adjuvants to particles
  • Testing a prophylactic vaccine on an animal model
  • Evaluating different antigens for cancer vaccine applications


The best way to proceed is to contact us and discover if the modularity of our particle can benefit your application.

Investment partnership

Serendip collaborates with private, corporate and institutional investors focused on technology platforms to develop, optimize, and execute investment strategies. Currently, Serendip has a clear path to reach clinical phases and is seeking investment partners to bring this project to fruition.


Co-development and licensing partnership

After conducting a feasibility study in collaboration, Serendip plans to partner with biotechnology or biopharmaceutical companies to co-develop products and license the technology platform or the final product. Early collaboration is highly beneficial.

The strength of our particle lies in its ability to adapt to the mode of action, target, and active substance that the partner needs to vectorize.


R&D collaboration



Serendip is collaborating with IBMC on in-vitro and in-vivo testing of products manufactured in plants. Proof-of-concept (PoC) results for therapeutic vaccines targeting dendritic cells are the fruit of this collaboration.

Support &


Academic laboratories

Start-up incubator and support